Bill Poehler & Doug McFadden Memorial

I can’t thank you all enough for the kind and wonderful gifts you have presented me for the Time Trial series this year. I certainly do not do this for any reward but because it brings great joy to me and to the SB cycling community.  I’m so glad it has continued to be a very successful event and will continue to be so , commencing our 35th year next March.

Gracias, Don FLANIGAN

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MOnday Night Time Trial

The bike course is approximately 10 miles.  It begins at the parking lot at South Coast Railway Museum on Los Caneros Road.  We proceed north to Cathedral Oaks and turn right heading East for 1.3 miles and do a turnaround in the left hand turn lane at Santa Margarita Road.  This is the last street just before Fairview where the median strip begins.  We proceed West, then up and down Glen Annie Road. The top is 5.4 miles from the start. We then continue up the Dos Pueblos hill and proceed to the turnaround at the indicator for a “stop sign ahead”.  This is the turnaround which is marked with a circle. It is approximately 20 meters short of the actual stop sign. We then proceed East for approximately 1.3 miles to the finish.  The finish is marked with a white checkered line about 50 meters before the traffic light. When finished, make a right turn at the Dos Pueblos traffic light We will then join together in the parking lot at Dos Pueblos.


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