10Mile_TTThe bike course is approximately 10 miles.  It begins at the parking lot at South Coast Railway Museum on Los Caneros Road.  We proceed north to Cathedral Oaks and turn right heading East for 1.3 miles and do a turnaround in the left hand turn lane at Santa Margarita Road.  This is the last street just before Fairview where the median strip begins.  We proceed West, then up and down Glen Annie Road. The top is 5.4 miles from the start. We then continue up the Dos Pueblos hill and proceed to the turnaround at the indicator for a “stop sign ahead”.  This is the turnaround which is marked with a circle. It is approximately 20 meters short of the actual stop sign. We then proceed East for approximately 1.3 miles to the finish.  The finish is marked with a white checkered line about 50 meters before the traffic light. When finished, make a right turn at the Dos Pueblos traffic light We will then join together in the parking lot at Dos Pueblos.

Greetings Monday Night Time Trial Participants-

Trust you are enjoying this season of the Monday Night Time Trial…it is the 27th consecutive year…yep, 27th…..that Don Flanigan has been putting on this great event. As you know, it is free to any and all- yet Don Flanigan handles the “registration”, the timing/results and the Semana Nautica and year end awards, paying for the medals and making sure the event happens the second Monday night of the month from March through October. Several years ago Jon Martin (local web designer and fellow MNTT participant) created and he continues to maintain the Monday Night Time Trial website and social media presence for the Monday Night TT.

Many thank Don/Jon for their efforts, yet too many of us seem to take the event for granted. As a modest thank you, a couple of years ago we collected voluntary contributions for dinner gift certificates for Don (and his frequent MNTT “assistant”, wife Dianne) and Jon. They each seemed thrilled with the recognition and show of appreciation.

So here is the pitch-please consider making a contribution to our fund for gift certificates to the two of them. The amount is up to you- many contribute $20, others more, others less. Whether to contribute and how much is totally up to you. If you do contribute, your name will be on the cards that we include for Don and for Jon when we present the cards/gifts at the last Monday Night TT on Monday, October 10th. (Just to be clear, 100% of the contributions will go to the gift certificates.)

Please send your contribution to me-check is preferred (payable to Joe Howell) or cash is fine. Just be sure your name is with your contribution. If easier, you can put your contribution in an envelope and drop off at my office anytime as there is a mail slot in our front door. Office address is below and if you need directions, click on “contact us” button on website listed below.

To the extent possible, we would like this to be a pleasant surprise for Don and Jon. For the October event, I will have the thank you cards with the names of all contributors and the gift certificates for each. Would be great to get the contributions sooner rather than later so we can have this wrapped up long before October 10th.

Thanks and let me know if any questions…ride safe; see you Sept. 12th.

Joe Howell


MNTT is not sanctioned by any club, team, website, person or entity.

Be safe and obey all traffic laws!

Results are posted as soon as they are received.

You may choose to send your results to results@mondaynighttimetrial.com.

I will take them from Strava too….